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​A new generation of Norton family stewardship brought in new values and a new appreciation for the long-standing family business which Jack Norton had started way back in 1967. His daughter foresaw a bold enlightenment in wood ceiling (and accompanying wood wall) architectural design, being that of embedded harmony, intertwined with the local natural surroundings and intended architectural desires of the great halls and auditoriums to be built. 

To that end, the ancient Japanese philosophy of "kaizen" was adopted. What this simple phrase and enduring mind-set means is that Norton Wood Ceilings manufactures all of its wood ceiling and wood wall products with "changes that are only for the better," capable of withstanding the true test of time. In other words... timeless elegance and perpetual beauty!

And that's the simple key to our Norton philosophy: Kaizen

Hilton Sky Bar - Downtown - Cleveland OH

Norton Wood Ceiling - Hilton Sky Bar - Cleveland

Cleveland State University  -  Cleveland OH

​Innovative Architectural Wood Ceiling Designs rendering timeless Suspended Wood Ceiling Panel Ideas!

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